My Pink H&M Aesthetic Pink Dress Outfit | 2021 Spring-Summer Look | Gabrielle DeRosa

My Pink H&M Aesthetic Pink Dress Outfit | 2021 Spring-Summer Look | Gabrielle DeRosa

Edit, Model: @gdrbluewolf Gabrielle DeRosa

These photos makes me feel like I am in a painting, that's the thing that makes me feel happy above all! What sensation makes you feel happy? <3

The dress
In this picture I am wearing my new beautiful dress by H&M. I love how soft it is on my skin, I love the quality and the color as well. I didn't think it would look so well on me when I saw it: my mother suggested me to try it on and I did! I instantly fell in love with the look. It made me feel young and fresh like a little lady and I feel it's going to be my number one morning look for this summer.  Watch my Spring Romantic Date Lookbook here

The necklace
I am wearing in this outfit represents my favorite food: strawberries. It was a gift from a friend of mine for my 18th birthday! It makes me feel fresh and light hearted. I couldn't find the same necklace, it is an Italian brand called Sagapò: here it is another necklace from the same brand that would reproduce the same effect with the dress (if I didn't have this one, I would definitely use it) SAGAPO COLLANA Albero della Vita sagapò Rugiada SRU01

The makeup  I am wearing my everyday makeup routine, you can watch it here
Do you want to look like an Old Hollywood Actress? In this video I will show you my beauty routine and my everyday makeup look in 2021: hair tricks, makeup secrets and old hollywood vintage vibes.

The pictures I took my picture with my Iphone, using the back camera, with a strong light. I always edit in my pictures in the in-app photo gallery editor first, it is essential to adjust the lights when there are too many shadows on the eyes and the rest of the photo as well: this problem can happen easily when you're taking a picture indoor. That's why it is better to use a ring light. The Iphone photo editor is a mobile version of the MacBook Pro one and it does wonders for free. After that I removed the background and edited everything on Canva.

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