Gabrielle DeRosa
Italian Singer-Songwriter, Self-Portrait Photographer, Website Director and Editor 

(Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Technology)
Full name: Gabrielle De Rosa

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The 13 Cycle Team Support Team

Maria Grazia Biasco
Italian, Support
(Bachelor's Degreee in Statistics for Economics and Business)

Ileana Schiavone
Italian, Support
(Bachelor's Degree in Languages and Foreign Literatures)

Enrica Spano
Italian, Support
(Bachelor's Degree in Business Economics)

gdrbluewolf Art Challenge

If you are a fan

I will read your messages. It is difficult to keep up with messages on social media but I promise I will always do my best to read all your personal emails and I will answer when I have time. If you want me to see your edits, fan letters or fan art, please send them to Enrica at or... you can participate to my gdrbluewolf Art Challenge.
  Sooner or later we will see your drawings and I will share my favorite ones on Instagram with credits and mentions. 
Thank you for reading!   - Gabrielle DeRosa