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Outfits by Gabrielle DeRosa 

My name is Gabrielle DeRosa and these are my tips about style and outfits. Good quality and simple color matching never go out of style. It is beautiful to buy new clothes, sometimes it is essential too, but when it comes to choosing your outfit, you can do a makeover with clothes you already have. I do it all the time!  Official Instagram profile: @gabrielle.derosa

Disney Princesses by Gabrielle DeRosa

Sing, dance and duet with me and your favorite Disney Princesses' songs.  Canta, balla e duetta con me le tue canzoni preferite delle Principesse Disney. 
Follow the official Instagram profile: @disneyprincessesmusic

Gabrielle DeRosa Playlist (My Music)

Listen to my full discography for free.   Official Instagram profile: @gabriellederosamusic  

Make Money With Social Media

In 2021 more than ever it is useful to know how to make money online: Gabrielle DeRosa talks about social media marketing strategies, different ways to earn more money as an influencer and content creation.

Batuffola & Me

Cuddles, magic, funny moments and everyday relax with Gabrielle DeRosa and her cat Batuffola. If you love magic, cats, tea and rainy days... this series is for you. Follow the official Instagram profile: @batuffolaandme

Specific Person Affirmations

Motivational videos for a confidence boost in your relationships with short and effective positive affirmations and different themes or fictional characters from your favorite movies and TV series.  Follow the official Instagram profile: @the13cycle

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Official Series Instagram Profiles List:
@gdrbluewolf Gabrielle DeRosa: Italian businesswoman, artist, singer-songwriter, digital creator and science student.
@gabrielle.derosa Aesthetic Fashion Blog
@batuffolaandme Cuddles, magic, tea and rainy days
@the13cycle Book Series, art, quotes
@gabriellederosamusic Live music by Gabrielle DeRosa
@disneyprincessesmusic Disney Princesses songs covers

@bluewolfchannel Inspiration, Motivation, Information
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