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Gabrielle DeRosa

2012 -

My songs are regularly registered at SIAE since 2012, professionally released online as a professional independent singer-songwriter and original music entrepreneur since 2017 with the music distributor CD Baby. Click here to listen/purchase on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal etc.

13luewolf Channel

2022 -

I spent 5+ years learning and experimenting mindset tips, I succeeded with my goals, and now I have a project to help you succeed with yours. What you focus on grows. What do you want to focus on?? Choose now and achieve your goals faster. Live your own Tv Series TODAY. 

HOME S.O. by Gabrielle DeRosa

2023 -

HOME S.O. means Helping Original Music Entrepreneurs Succeed Online. We didn't have a home, so I made it for us! To discover more... take my free test!

Gabrielle's Castle

2022 - 2023

Side jobs allowed me to have the freedom of being my own investor without owing anything to strangers. If you are a leader like me and you prefer being your own boss, if you are a 9-5er looking for a high profit side hustle to scale your monthly income, or even if you are a total beginner or if you are just looking for a 9-5 remote job: I designed this project is to help you earn better online.

The 13 Cycle

2020 -

I am a Dott.ssa in Environmental Science and Technology, but I also am a Creator Entrepreneur: I create original songs and digital projects on a daily basis. Therefore, in this online store you will find useful goods in the wellness and sustainability niche, both for you and for the environment. (Former Art 13ecomes Life, now The 13 Cycle)

Dott.ssa Gabrielle De Rosa

2023 - 

Study with me YouTube channel with study videos recorded and published while pursuing the goal of becoming a PhD in Environmental Science in my country, Italy. Click here to discover.

Open up with me

If you are just looking for a 1:1 connection with me, instead, you can get that + my original songs pre-downloads and more benefits in my personal VIP community