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The Bluewolf Vlog was created to make you feel good. It focuses on self-help, self-love and self-improvement. I will show you something from my daily life and give you my tips to solve the most frequent problems about self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing. This series features easy and direct explanations from The Bluewolf Podcast (now available on Spotify, Google, Anchor, iTunes, and other platforms).

Gabrielle DeRosa - 23 April 2020
LIVE from Home

My old unreleased songs written from 2013 to 2016 in live videos from home:

01 Alice's Dream
02 Look Through My Eyes
03 Forse Mi Sento (Di Tutti I Colori)
04 Alieno Amore
05 You Were Here (You Are Here)
06 Twin Soul
Composer, Lyricist: Gabrielle De Rosa


Gabrielle DeRosa's

Behind The Scenes videos.

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Between The Lyrics w/ Gabrielle DeRosa

Between The Lyrics w/ Gabrielle DeRosa
is a series about 
the meaning of my songs.

Affirmations with Gabrielle DeRosa

Listen with headphones in a relaxed state of mind. Enjoy

1 Love
2 Specific Person
3 Self-Love
4 Relationships
5 Success
6 Daily
7 Health
8 Money
9 Fitness Motivation
10 Marriage
11 Joy